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Cross, WOERNERM-110

Cross, WOERNERM-110
Item# W-M-110

Product Description

Cross, WOERNERM-110

A beautiful must have for every church, chapel, classrooms, homes or sanctuary, the plain beveled cross have varied options available:

1. WOERNERM-110: Wood: Walnut; Size: 10"H

2. WOERNERM-112: Wood: Walnut; Size: 12"H

3. WOERNERM-115: Wood: Walnut; Size: 15"H

4. WOERNERM-120: Wood: Walnut; Size: 20"H

5. WOERNERM-127: Wood: Oak; Size: 24"H

6. WOERNERM-128: Wood: Oak; Size: 36"H

7. WOERNERM-129: Wood: Oak; Size: 48"H

8. WOERNERM-130: Wood: Oak; Size: 60"H

9. WOERNERM-131: Wood: Oak; Size: 72"H

10. WOERNERM-132: Wood: Oak; Size: 84"H

11. WOERNERM-133: Wood: Oak; Size: 96"H

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Also available: WOERNERM-208

Brand: Woerner

Woerner Product Number : M-110, M-112, M-115, M-120, M-127, M-128, M-129, M-130, M-131, M-132, M-133