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Fiddleback Chasuble, Primavera Fabric by Solivari, SOLIVARI1112

Fiddleback Chasuble, Primavera Fabric by Solivari, SOLIVARI1112
Item# SOLIVARI1112
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Product Description

Fiddleback Chasuble in Primavera Fabric is made of 100% polyester.

The SOLIVARI1112 is one of Italy's most prestigious religious vestment designed by Solivari, a gorgeous Fiddleback (Roman) Chasuble using Primavera fabric mixed with gold and silver threaded orphrey banding. The Primavera Fabric that makes up the body of this Fiddleback (Roman) Chasuble, is a washable, lightweight fabric making it perfect for any type of liturgical worship.

Available in five Liturgical colours: Green, Purple, Red, White, Pink Rose. Please choose preference on the options drop down menu button.

A matching Maniple, Burse, and Chalice veil may be purchased individually or as a complete set. Please choose preference on options drop down menu button when ordering.

The product originates from Italy, please allow 4 to 8 weeks delivery.

Brand Name: Solivari