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K611 Advent Wreath by Koleys, KOLEYSK611

K611 Advent Wreath by Koleys, KOLEYSK611
Item# KOLEYSK611
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Product Description

611 Advent Wreath by Koleys, KOLEYSK611

The K611 Advent Wreath, KOLEYSK611 has a unique feature of an adjustable tilting head that allows the candles to stand upright even when tilted at an angle. This adjustable head is made of solid brass. Total height when it is in tilted position is 55". Normal height (head is level) is 48".

The wreath is furnished with 1-1/2" sockets or adapters for oil candles. Please specify on the options drop down button.

The ring is a two-tone satin and bright finish measuring 21" diameter and weighted base is 12".

The K11 Advent Wreath can be bought as one whole unit or you can purchase the wreath ONLY. It can be sold separately but will require a stand with a 12" base. Please specify preference when placing your order.

Candles not included.

Brand: Koleys

Koleys Product Number : K611