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Ominous Horizons™ CD-ROM

Ominous Horizons™ CD-ROM
Item# CGD805
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Product Description

Ominous Horizons™ combines all the elements of award winning action adventures with puzzles to solve, unique obstacles to overcome, and quests to accomplish, with the added challenge of making important moral decisions. First Person Game play is detailed with over 10 enemy creatures from Black Knights, Ninja Assassins to Demon Dragons and Scorpions each having their own personality traits which will appeal to all ages. Conquered creatures are dispatched in very interesting ways back to the Underworld by the player using the Sword of the Spirit. This fast paced, action packed adventure has the player playing the Paladin whose quest is to visit several different locations throughout the world including Stonehenge, a Mayan Temple and the Underworld to do battle. Your quest is to recover hidden text, placed by evil minions under orders of Satan, to prevent the printing of the Bible and the rise of Western Civilization. Rated Teen with Mild Violence with NO blood or gore. Supported by Paul Crouch Jr. of Trinity Broadcasting Netword (TBN). A one-player action game for teens and up. Minimum System Requirements: Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, SVGA, High color (16-bit), 64 MB ram, 3-D accelerator card with 8MB video memory, Windows compatible sound card, Pentium 266 processor or higher, 4X CD ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, DirectX 8.0A. Copyright 2001 N'Lightning Software Corporation. All rights reserved.