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Redemption® CCG / TCG Faith of our Fathers Tin

Redemption® CCG / TCG Faith of our Fathers Tin
Item# CGD505

Product Description

Faith of Our Fathers is a set of new and reprinted cards for the Redemption® Trading Card Game. Each tin contains 10 Faith of our Fathers cards and of each booster pack from the Unlimited, Prophets, Apostles, Kings, and Priests expansion sets. Collect all 10 of them! For ages 7 and up. Tin 1 - Army of Simeonites, Caleb, Caleb’s Sword, Egyptian Spear, Egyptian Warden, Huge Egyptian, Men of Judah, Psalms 119:150 (‘discarder’), Ruthless, Standing in the Gap; Tin 2 - Abdon, Deborah’s Directive, Deceiving Spirit, Ibzan, Pergamum, Samson’s Sacrifice, Satan's Seat, Shibboleth, Trembling Demon, Worshipping Demons; Tin 3 - Arioch, Ashpenaz, Head of Gold, Hidden Treasures, Joel, Nahum, Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream, Obadiah, Search, Visions; Tin 4 - Answer to Prayer, Benjamin, Complainers, Dan, Hormah, Jacob, Numerous as the Stars, Stiff-Necked, Taking Naboth’s Vineyard, Uzzah; Tin 5 - Babylonian Banquet Hall, Belshazzar’s Banquet, King Hiram, Mephibosheth, Nebushasban, Nergalsharezer, Peace Treaty, Royal Parade, Swift Horses, The Magi; Tin 6 - Abednego (Azariah), Ashdod, Bringing Fear, Goliath’s Armor, Meshach (Mishael), Philistine Armor Bearer, The Twelve-Fingered Giant, Unbound, Unbowed, Undefiled; Tin 7 - Angel of God, Assyria’s Tribute, Assyrian Archer, Burning Censer, Captured by Assyria, Fire Smoke and Sulfur, Gabriel Meets Zecharias, King Asnappar, The Destroyer, The Tartan; Tin 8 - Filling Zerubbabel’s Temple, Haggai, Joiada, Son of Eliashib, Joiakim Son of Joshua, Mary's Seven Demons, Renewing the Covenant, Seven Wicked Spirits, Two Possessed by Demons, Wastelands, Zerubbabel’s Temple; Tin 9 - Amasai the Raider, David’s Mighty Men, Healing of Naaman, Heldai, House of Rimmon, King Cushan-Rishathaim, Naaman, Naharai, Namaan’s Chariot and Horses, The Battle is the Lord’s; Tin 10 - Buying Grain, Emperor Galba, Emperor Otho, Expelling the Jews, Heavy Taxes, Reuben, Reuben’s Torn Clothes, Rome, Simeon, Zebulun; Tin 20 - Ezekiel, Hosea, Cherubim, Wheel Within a Wheel, Forest Fire, Drawn Sword, Iron Pan, King Belshazzar, Babylonian Soldiers, Invoking Terror; Tin 21 - Isaiah, Isaiah's Call, Seraph with a Live Coal, Live Coal, Protection of Jerusalem, Siegeworks, Razor, Assyrian Siege Army, Assyrian Survivor, Covenant with Death; Tin 22 - Joseph, Rachel, Joseph Before Pharaoh, Forgiveness of Joseph, 7 Years of Plenty, 7 Years of Famine, Pharaoh's Cupbearer, Pharaoh's Baker, The Dreaming Pharaoh, Egyptian Magicians