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Pontifical SCULPTWAX

Pontifical SCULPTWAX
Item# CATHC9040

Product Description

Pontifical SCULPTWAX® Candles, CATHC9040, CATHC9042, CATHC9065, CATHC9090, CATHC9846

In celebration of the lives and papacies of our recent and current Popes – Francis, Benedict XVI, and John Paul II. These candles feature a three dimensional SCULPTWAX® rendering of the Papal Coats of Arms, recreated in brilliant white wax highlighted in gold. These candles are suitable and appropriate for extended use in attended celebrations and services.

The Pontifical SCULPTWAX® Candles are available in different sizes:

1. CATHC9846 : Pontifical Candle measures 3"D x 14"L

2. CATHC9040 : Pontifical Candle #4, measures 1-15/16"D x 39"L

3. CATHC9042 : Pontifical Candle #4-2, measures 2"D x 36"L

4. CATHC9065 : Pontifical Candle #6S, measures 2-1/2"D x 36"L

5. CATHC9090 : Pontifical Candle #9, measures 3"D x 36"L

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Also available : CATHC84401501, CATHC84401201

Brand : Cathedral Candles

Product Number : 9040, 9042, 9065, 9090, 9846